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General Terms and Conditions

Conditions of acceptance and use

I, the customer, confirm, that these conditions are part of the agreement and I explicitly agree to these conditions. I have received a copy of the agreement. I'm renting the above mentioned Mobility aids or Vehicle as well as a key, battery charger and plug adaptor in perfect condition and ready for use under the following conditions.

Rental fee: see latest price list

Cancellation: no later than 24 hours prior to start of the rental period

The customer is not allowed to:

  • a) participate in motorsports events
  • b) use the Mobility aids or Vehicle for commercial passenger transport
  • c) sublet the Mobility aids or Vehicle
  • d) illegally transport goods, which are prohibited by customs, or other prohibited goods
  • e) drive after drinking alcohol or when extremely tired

Repairs: during the rental period only by the owner and after notification by telephone (24 hours)

Loss: The customer is liable for loss of the Mobility aids or Vehicle or its parts as well as personal items.


  • a) Record names and addresses of those involved and witnesses as well as registration numbers of the cars involved and draw a sketch.
  • b) Do not admit guilt.
  • c) Do not leave the vehicle unless it is sufficiently secured and guarded.
  • d) In the event of an accident the scene must be checked by the police immediately. Even in the case of small damage a detailed report must be given to the owner without delay.

Insurance: According to the law the Mobility aid or Vehicle is a walking aid. Thus only the customer's private liability insurance is responsible to pay for damage to third persons.

Customer's liability: The customer is liable for all damages to the Mobility aid or Vehicle and its parts which are caused during or due to use by the customer, including revovery costs. The customer pays for charging the battery. Mileage is free.

Cancellation: In the event of cancellations, the Mobilitätsservice Gran Canaria reserves the right to charge a 20% cancellation fee fort he administration costs incurred.

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